Chamber orchestra 2.1.1 Community Edition

VSCO 2 Community Edition (CE) is an open-source, open-ended subset of the main VSCO 2 library designed for young composers, hobbyist sample library developers, and students around the world to create better sounding music for free and learn more about the process of sample library development. The library is under a Creative Commons 0 (i.e. public domain) license.

That’s right, you can download 3 GB of samples for free with no rules, no royalties, no limits on how or when you can use it, no annoying e-mail signups, and so on. If you’re unsure about anything, make sure you check out our Questions? page!

Vanilla ‘sfz’ Version

by Versillian Studios LLC.

Format: .SFZ (for Sforzando/ARIA/LinuxSamples/Sfizz, etc.)

We created this as the ‘default’ version of the library. The samples are mapped with no significant tweaks or changes to the sounds or their layout.

As a result, this version is the most natural, ‘vanilla’ form of the library. It is great for ambient and calm orchestral, but may seem a little “loose” if you are used to General MIDI soundfonts or synthesizers.

We recommend you start with this version first before trying others!

To use this version, you need a sampler which can open .sfz files. You can find FREE download links for these on the right (“Sforzando” for Windows/MacOS & Sfizz for Linux).

Please note: SFZ and SF2 (soundfonts) are NOT related nor directly compatible.

Pulse redemption keys are available for a nominal contribution of $2.00 to offset the cost of the download.
For a contribution of $4.00, you will receive keys for both VSCO 2 CE and VCSL.
Any profits from contributions are earmarked specifically for developing new freeware projects.

Original .wav FORMAT

by Versillian Studios LLC.

Format: .WAV (44.1 kHz, 16- or 24-bit)

If you are looking for the ultimate functionality, you can download the original .wav samples and build your own instruments in any format you desire! Bonus: includes VSCO 1 Percussion + Miscellania 1 & 2.

Licensed under CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) you can do whatever you want with these samples.

If 3,000 samples sounds a bit daunting to work with, don’t worry; we put together a 256-sample pack and a 50-sample pack for a simpler experience.

Looking for a challenge? Try creating a piece with only 10 samples!




Versilian Studios only officially provides support for the “Vanilla SFZ Version” and “Raw WAV Version”, found above.

Any alternative formats past this point, while curated, are made by individuals or companies NOT directly affiliated with Versilian Studios, and as such, should be downloaded at your own risk. We cannot warranty or provide support for these versions.

In case of issues, contact their respective developers, their websites are linked on the right.

The virtual playing orchestra ⭐⭐⭐⭐

by Virtual Playing/Paul Battersby

Format: .SFZ (for Sforzando/ARIA/LinuxSamples/Sfizz, etc.)

Paul Battersby built a great library based on VSCO 2: CE, Sonatina, No Budget Orchestra (NBO), University of Iowa, and other samplesets in one ultimate package. Features section and solo instruments for woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion.

Paul took the best from each of the great open-source samplesets out there today and put it together in one cohesive package. The “Standard” version uses volume-based dynamics, while the “Performance” version uses modwheel crossfading.

Orchestools: ‘sections’, ‘306’, ‘keys’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

by Ilir Bajri

Format: VST3 & Standalone (.exe)

Orchestools Sections (Strings/Brass/Woodwinds) is a NEW VST3 series based on VSCO 2 CE.
Orchestools 306 is based on the “bonus” 256 + 50 samples in VSCO 2 CE.
Orchestools Keys is based on the keyboard instruments in VCSL.

If you are coming to VSCO 2 CE from synthesizers, soundfonts, and General MIDI sounds, this is the version for you.

Orchestools instruments provide unprecedented access to modulation, parameters, and include some really great presets. Ilir’s presets in many cases go well beyond the orchestral source into very creative and interesting textures.

Made using HISE; source project can be downloaded from Ilir’s website. Everything is open source and freely editable.



by Bigcat Instruments

Format: VSTi and Audio Units (.dll, .vst, .component) Plugins

Note: Due to the aging engine, this version is not recommended!

We recommend one of the SFZ versions or Orchestools Sections (above) instead, as they are much more reliable and compatible with most DAWs.

Bigcat has made some refinements to the response and normalization of the samples. This makes it more predictable and stable at the cost of “natural realism”.

These do not require a sampler, only that you have a DAW you can load them in. If you’re not sure where to put the VSTi, look in your DAW’s VSTi or disk settings. 

NOT COMPATIBLE with MacOS Catalina or newer.


by Bigcat Instruments

Format: .NKI (for FULL Kontakt 5.6.8+)

The Sketching Chamber Orchestra features two dozen instruments from the VSCO2 Community Edition in only 1.25 gigs using Kontakt’s lossless compression. Features reverb, ASDR control, EQ, scripted legato, faux RR, modwheel xfading, ensembles.


Bigcat’s Kontakt version is arguably the most in-depth version of VSCO 2 CE out there, with tons of controls and even his ‘An Orchestra’ experimental chord/arpeggio instruments.

To use this version, you must own the full (paid) version of Kontakt, 5.6.8 or higher.


by The Alpine Project/Noah Horowitz

Format: .NKI (for FULL Kontakt 5)

The Alpine Project collects the best public domain musical instrument samples, and combines them with clever scripting and effects in NI’s Kontakt.  The result is great sounding free sample libraries that can find a place in the beginning and professional composer’s studio.

The Alpine Project combines many of the best free sample sets with some absolutely brilliant Kontakt scripting to make a very usable set of lightweight Kontakt instruments.

To use this version, you must own the full (paid) version of Kontakt 5.


by Ilir Bajri

Format: SAMPLETANK 3 or 4/Custom Shop FREE

Orchestools One is an orchestral soundset for Sampletank featuring over 600 presets and 100 multis, based on VSCO 2 CE. *Now also updated for Sampletank 4!*

Orchestools One is a fantastic set of patches that moves well beyond the realm of ‘orchestral sample library’ and into the world of pads and soundscapes. If you already own Sampletank, this is your best option.

To use this version, you need to install Sampletank. Instructions are provided by the developer here.

There are some awesome demo videos here.


by Leonard Ludvigsen & Ron Cavagnaro

Format: .WAV (44.1 kHz, 16- or 24-bit)

“Brought to you by me and the awesome Ron Cavagnaro (thanks for the link), I’ve organized this big ass orchestral multisample (and other samples) library with heaps of different articulations into readily Deluge-loadable folders so you won’t have to!”

Leonard and Ron organized the raw .wav files into a version compatible with Synthstrom Deluge by sorting the files into folders.

Also includes Miscellania I & II VSCO 1 Perc.

You need Synthstrom Deluge to use this version.


by Man Makes Noise

Format: Omnisphere (50+1 patches)

“This little library is my gift to all of you after this strange, strange year of unconventional circumstances and crazy events. For a time now I have wanted to do something with VCSO Community Edition and this library is the end result.”

Omnisphere users rejoice! VSCO 2 CE now has an Omnisphere version, crafted by Man Makes Noise. A great selection of trailer-esque and ‘Hybrid’ style sounds suitable for adding all kinds of orchestral flavor to any track.

This version requires you own Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere 2.6.

Oliver’s xrni conversion

by Zeograd/Oliver

Format: .XRNI (for Renoise)

Compared to the direct use of SFZ companion files in renoise, this set of XRNI brings modulation set support, volume and mapping fixes, case sensitivity fixes, smaller download (flac vs. wav), individual instruments, and improved compatibility.

Oliver’s XRNI files are a great option for Renoise users looking for complete compatibility and more flexibility. If you use Renoise, download these instead of the SFZ’s or any other format.

To use this version, you need to have a copy of Renoise.

It appears Renoise’s forums have been under renovation and so we’ve mirrored v0.9.9 to the right.