Virtuosity vibraphone

The culmination of a decade of experience sampling and recording pitched percussion, the chromatically-sampled Virtuosity Vibraphone is an intimate, enveloping sampling of a brand new vibraphone in a small venue using state of the art equipment.

Recorded at Virtuosity Musical Instruments like Tubular Bells II and Virtuosity Drums with an array of stunning microphones, Virtuosity Vibraphone has a flexible, clean tone prepared for any use case across Jazz, classical, world, and cinematic music.

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Developer: Versilian Studios LLC.
Software: Kontakt FULL 7.6.1+ Required
Format: .nki (Kontakt instrument)
Samples: 2,052 Samples; 10,260 Files (?)Samples are individual performances, not including duplicates from multiple mixes or mic positions. The File count is the total number of sample audio files in a product.
Instrument list
Filesize: 8 GB of HDD space (+10 GB for installation files)
Other: HDD of 7200+ RPM or SSD recommended
8GB+ of RAM recommended

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“Some Assembly Required…”

The vibraphone featured in Virtuosity Vibraphone was unboxed and assembled shortly before recording. As a brand new instrument, it is provides an unusual reference for a perfect-condition sample set unlike most libraries made using instruments years or even decades old.

Careful calibration was done to ensure the mechanism was fully set up prior to sampling and avoid common issues such as improperly set dampers and unequal ringing of notes.


State-of-the-Art Recordings

6 sets of microphones were used to record the vibraphone at various distances and with various sound qualities. These microphones were hand-chosen for their low noise and high accuracy, over more traditional recording mics, many of which are an order of magnitude or two more noisy.

Up close, the Samar VL373A stereo ribbon mic provides a rich, wide sound while retaining 100% mono compatibility with its coincident Blumlein configuration.

For the critical overhead role, two pairs of SDCs provide two contrasting views: the laboratory reference Gefell M221 measurement omnis vs. the rare supercardioid sE RN17’s with their massive transformers. Space and precision vs. focus and vibe.

Rather than compromise by choosing one or the other, VISAGE lets you mix continuously between the two overheads, creating a “virtual mic” of any pattern between omni and supercardioid.

The main position is filled by a pair of transformer-equipped Gefell M930Ts. A single-diaphragm LDC, this microphone is one of the quietest in existence (7 dBA) with a bright, modern response which is also unusually flat down to below 40 Hz.

Further down the room, a pair of the ultra-quiet Rode NT1’s with their 4 dBA self noise and tight cardioid pattern provide a useful room sound for situations that require a less present sound.

Underneath the vibraphone are a whisper-quiet pair of Gefell M940 supercardioid LDC’s. Even lower noise than the M930Ts, these microphones capture the resonance and body of the instrument in a configuration mirroring the overheads.

Realism & Behavior

The real pedal behavior of the vibraphone was meticulously sampled. When you press a key without holding down the sustain pedal, a short “closed” sample is played, which was recorded with the damper still engaged. This is useful in repetitive, staccato lines where you don’t want the resonance of the instrument to build up.

Normal playing occurs while the sustain pedal is held down. These notes will sustain until the sus pedal is released, at which time a variety of real sampled releases will play.

A separate ‘Sustained’ articulation provides a less realistic piano-style behavior for working without a sus pedal.

Separately recorded pedal mechanical noises are also captured and adjustable in VISAGE.

The entire vibraphone is chromatically sampled, providing a more accurate sound than instruments sampled using wholetone or diatonic methods.

Chromatic sampling allows the slightly different positioning of the accidentals (“black keys”) to be audible in the instrument.

All articulations feature 4VL and 4RR for a natural and dynamic feel.

Vibraphone GUI

Advanced Control

Utilizing the new VISAGE engine to its fullest, Virtuosity Vibraphone packs in a range of controls over every aspect of the instrument including but not limited to:

  • Volume, pan, width, solo/mute, purge, and routing for each mic position
  • Blendable OH microphones (continuous variable pattern control)
  • Full velocity curve control
  • Dynamic range control
  • Separate control over volume of releases and pedal mechanical noises
  • Moveable keyswitch block
  • Transposition
  • Range limiting & expanding
  • Synthetic vibrato speed & intensity control
  • Easy-access reverb settings
  • Fully customizable tuning & temperaments engine
  • Neighbor-borrowing RR (customizable)
  • Mono aftertouch note-off triggering available
  • Integration with NKS/NI keyboards
  • MIRAGE FX control panel
      • Exposes and simplifies Kontakt’s internal FX engine
      • Utilizes the latest FX in Kontakt 7
      • Modular construction allows updates to VISAGE/MIRAGE FX separately


Bowed Vibes!

A mainstay in Versilian Studios vibraphones since VSCO 2 Pro, we of course couldn’t forget about bowed vibraphone!

Bowed vibes is accomplished by bowing each key with a bass bow one by one. Thus only stereo polyphony is generally possible, and the effect is best left to individual notes in common use.

Releases were captured as well for this articulation.

In this patch, velocity control the attack time of the bowing while modwheel allows some control over the volume.

Instrument List

Vibraphone (3.5 octave)

Vibraphone – Normal

  • Mallet I (soft) – Full Pedaling
  • Mallet I (soft) – Sustain (no pedal needed)
  • Mallet II (hard) – “Closed” Hits Only
  • Bowed – Velocity Sensitive


Vibraphone – Extended Range

  • Mallet I (soft) – Full Pedaling
  • Mallet I (soft) – Sustain (no pedal needed)
  • Mallet II (hard) – “Closed” Hits Only
  • Bowed – Velocity Sensitive


  • Bowed – Fragile Light
  • Bowed – Friendly Robots
  • Bowed – Spacewalk
  • Bowed – Strange Vibrations
  • Hits – Bonding Moment
  • Hits – Brilliant Reverb
  • Hits – Conflicting Emotions
  • Hits – Distortion Detective
  • Hits – Droplets
  • Hits – Early Bird
  • Hits – Fuzzy Secrets
  • Hits – Happy Resolution
  • Hits – Profiling the Suspect
  • Hits – Retrospective Memory
  • Hits – Shy Feelings
  • Hits – Sleepless City
  • Hits – Slice of Life
  • Hits – Solo Focus

Designed by library co-creator Simon Autenrieth, Snapshots provide a curated range of colors and emotions designed to help you alter the instrument to meet your sound concept or needs with minimal adjustment.