The Recorder



The recorder is a large family of instruments which vary in range, pitch, sound characteristics, and behavior. However, most existing sample libraries of recorders cover only a small selection of these, which isn’t enough to create the sound of even fairly common types of recorder ensembles.

We set out to make THE definitive recorder sample library, featuring the highest quality instruments available, performed by professional recorder player Emily O’Brien, in an ultra-quiet studio.

We need your help to be able to complete it and share the result with the world!

Product testing

Do you compose for the recorder? We are open to volunteer testers interested in using (and abusing) the library. Testers receive a free copy of the pre-release library for testing purposes. If you do have time to provide feedback, you will also be rewarded with a full copy of the final library (Not for Resale (NFR) license).

NOTE: Currently FULL on Kontakt testers, slots available for free SFZ version testers.


The BEST way to help us is by sponsoring a specific instrument for $250, or by sponsoring the whole project in the amount of your choosing.

Sponsors will receive a full copy of the final library, access to early demos and/or pre-release builds, and credit in the product manual and on the product page.


In addition to the full paid version for Kontakt, there will also be a free version in the open-source SFZ format. If you are familiar with another virtual instrument format or sampler engine (DecentSampler, HISE, sf2, etc.) and wish to contribute a similarly open port of the free version to that format, please reach out to us and we’ll send you the assets for the free version pre-release.

Our progress

We have COMPLETED principal recording on ALL instruments and are now in the Assembly phase of development; release is anticipated in Q2 2024!


  • Sopranino in Boxwood (Yamaha)
  • Soprano in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • Alto in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • Tenor in Satinwood (Yamaha)
  • Bass/Bassett in Maple (Yamaha)
  • Great Bass in Maple (Yamaha)
  • Contrabass in Mahogany (Von Huene)


  • “Ganassi” G Alto in Boxwood by Ralf Netsch



  • Sopranino in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • 6th Flute in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • Soprano in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • 4th Flute in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • Alto in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • Voiceflute in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • Tenor in Boxwood (Von Huene)
  • Bass in Maple (Yamaha)
  • A392 Alto in Boxwood (Von Huene)



  • Soprano in d”
  • Soprano in c”
  • Alto in a’
  • Alto in g’
  • Alto in f’
  • Tenor in d’
  • Tenor in c’
  • Bassett in f
  • Greatbass in c
  • Contrabass in F


¹The Renaissance set is a “Praetorius” style consort, in Maple, made by Tom Prescott.