Folder-to-sfz converter

Have a folder of samples lying around just waiting to be mapped and used? We had this utility built in order to allow rapid and effective mapping of large sample sets to the SFZ 2.0 format, and figured we might as well make it public.

Please note, the flexibility of the dictionary system and the fact that this was designed originally for internal use only makes the initial learning curve a little steep. Please watch the videos below for examples of how it works to get a feel for what is required.

This product is available AS-IS with no warranty as to its functionality.

New in Version 1.0.0:

    • Folder Dig-Down: Select your instrument folder, containing folders for each articulation and mic position, and Folder-to-SFZ will create a separate SFZ file for each end folder, using folder names to name the files. Map complex multi-mic, multi-articulation instruments in seconds!
    • Condensed Format: Generate vastly more compact SFZ files with the click of a button, much easier to read and edit for large projects.
    • Global/Master Switch: Generate a Global or Master header with global volume/tune or master volume/tune for easily building KS patches with #include.
    • Offset, Amp Veltrack, Pitch Keytrack: Easily set defaults for all commonly used parameters in designing patches of various types directly in F2SFZ.
    • Path Memory: Folder-to-SFZ now remembers what folder it was last in for each file selection box, greatly reducing navigation time.



Versilian Studios LLC., Programming by Cassandra Incognito


Platform Agnostic (req. Java 8+)
Customizable ‘dictionary’ system allows usage of almost any naming convention


– Automatic compensation for missing RR/VL
– Customizable ‘dictionary’ system allows usage of almost any naming convention
– Folder dig-down enables mapping multi-articulation, multi-mic instruments rapidly
300 KB installation filesize

BEyond the basics

Advanced Users

The custom dictionary system can be used to modify how the script reacts to velocity and key values. For example, a drumkit can be mapped by mapping ‘Kick’ to 36, ‘Snare’ to 38, etc.

A mass file-name editor is highly recommended.

If you like and use Folder-to-SFZ for work, you are welcome to send a contribution of any amount via Please note “Folder-to-SFZ” in the description so we’ll know to earmark it for future work on Folder-to-SFZ! Thank you!

Ultra-advanced users who find Folder-to-SFZ not sufficient for their needs are advised to use Peter Eastman’s Python SFZ mapping scripts, available here or as part of downloading VCSL’s SFZ version. Fluency in Python highly recommended to use, and you must install Python and several dependencies first.

BEyond the basics

Information on the SFZ format and other resources: