Legacy & Discontinued Products

“Sometimes things are just too broken to be worth fixing.”

Versilian Studios has been around for over a decade and in that time, massive changes have taken place in our industry. Some products which were in their day reasonable or even quite good now no longer meet our standards for continued distribution. However, for the sake of transparency, we have provided many of these projects for download below as freeware.

Please note: no warranty is provided to the quality, usability, or operability of this software on modern operating systems. No updates will be provided, and no support will be given. Please do not use assets on this page for critical work.

Legacy Products

These products were very popular, but no longer keep up with modern alternatives technically or aurally. We have them here for diehard fans or those who need them to access old projects successfully.

Upright Piano no. 1

by Versillian Studios LLC.

Format: .SFZ (for Sforzando/ARIA/Sfizz)

Designed as a light-weight sketching piano, the VS Upright No. 1 is a clean sampling of an upright piano, the standard of homes, small clubs and studios around the world. With a broad dynamic range and a bright, clear tone, the upright can still display a soft side when needed. 

Features 3 velocity layers with 2 RR; sampled in tritones with a pair of wide, close mics. Full decays up to 30 seconds were recorded.

April Fools

Sometimes we like to have fun when making sample libraries… sometimes a little bit too much fun. These projects are the results of that; some wacky, some surprisingly useful. We hope you find them as entertaining to use as we did making them.

Fretless Zither HD Remaster ZOTY Edition

by Versilian Studios LLC.

Format: VSTi, AU, and Kontakt 4.2.4+ (.nki)

NEW from the creators of ‘UPRIGHT NO. 1’, Versilian Studios LLC, is the fantastic BESPOKE HD Remaster “Zither Of The Year” Edition of the LEGENDARY Fretless Zither sample library plugin soundset thing! Now at STUNNING 96/24 resolution with a monstrous UBER-HD 720p-sized interface, this is the ULTIMATE IN ZITHERNESS!

The Ebuzz

by Versilian Studios LLC.

Format: Kontakt 5.5+ (.nki) – requires the FULL version (not ‘Player’)

The Ebuzz was our April Fools’ day joke for 2017. It’s an insanely extensively sampled $20 toy slide vuvuzela called the “pbuzz”.

Ironically, we’ve been informed that it actually has found its way into quite a few folks’ templates and possibly even a few film scores.


by Versilian Studios LLC. & Ivy Audio

Format: Kontakt 5.8.1 (.nki) – requires the FULL version (not ‘Player’)

“The worst piano tuning simulator ever made.” – literally everyone

A 100% totally normal piano freebie, made in collaboration with Simon Dalzell over at Ivy Audio.

Nothing funny going on here at all.

We’re just that nice.

This was our April Fools 2021 instrument. Download it, load it into Kontakt, and play 15 notes to start your “adventure”.



The following software is discontinued and only available as-is, with no support and no warranty.

Please do not ask us for a download link to products without one. You’re better off with literally anything else.


The following software is basically not worth downloading or using. Either much better alternatives exist, or it basically can’t be used on modern operating systems. If there isn’t a link, it means it’s not worth us even bothering to share it. Download and use at your own risk.

VSCO 1.0

Format: VSTi & AU

This was the original predecessor to VSCO 2. You can find this on some instrument sharing websites. It is basically useless and you shouldn’t even waste your bandwidth trying it. Download VSCO 2 or VCSL instead, they are certainly much better.



Miscellania I

Format: VSTi & AU

Miscellania I : Horror is  a fun little plugin of six whole octaves capable of spooky effects and more… Includes percussive hits, chain rattles, bubbling cauldrons, creepy gongs, whistles, and more. Vibrato controlled by mod wheel (works great on whistle sound).

Sounds under CC0 license via the VSCO 2 CE project. You’ll find them there, in the raw WAV version.

Miscellania II

Format: VSTi & AU

If it makes a ringing, rattling, or metallic shaking sound, it’s probably in here somewhere.

Sounds under CC0 license via the VSCO 2 CE project. You’ll find them there, in the raw WAV version.

Dan Tranh

Format: VSTi & AU; Kontakt (.nki)

The Dan Tranh is a traditional zither originating from Vietnam. 16-17 metal strings run the length of the Dan Tranh with bridges under each.

In traditional performance on this instrument, one hand plucks the strings on one side of these bridges using plectrums (finger-picks) and the other hand bends the pitches of the notes as desired on the other side of the bridges. This allows an incredibly dynamic and unique performance which is very hard to sample and replicate.

This is a detailed, mono sampling of the instrument with a number of idiomatic and western techniques.

Individual Classic Series Instruments

Format: VSTi & AU; Kontakt (.nki)

The original classic series instruments were released 2013-2015 with a price range of $5-20 to fund the development of VSCO 2. Some of the better-sounding instruments were even incorporated into VSCO 2, such as xylophone, glockenspiel, marimba, and Italian harpsichord.

Most are included in the ‘Classic Series II’ bundle library, available in modern SFZ format.